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Friday, March 27, 2015

DIRECTION CHANGE - By Artist Jackie Janisse


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Artist: Jackie Janisse
Location: Sault St Marie, Canada

"Direction Change" was painted at a time of great disturbance in my life. You could say a great change in direction which was out of my control. Life as a foster parent is a rocky road; a cliff waiting to give way. This painting is a tangible, visual representation of the path of life.

I have learned through the years that we are not alone in this plight of humanity and every one of us has directional changes in life that are planned or unintentional, lovely or devastating. The view may be obscured when a change is imminent or we may see that path and carpe diem. This painting symbolizes a pattern of direction in life that flows in un-known and known ways. The background is a heated cadmium yellow, orange and burnt sienna and the shadows are a cooler phthalo blue, violet and blue grey. I have included a photo of this painting at it's mid point to demonstrate composition and colour balance changes. While creating this piece, I was keeping "change" in mind and I wanted the composition and color to lend to that. I ended up rotating the canvas 180 degrees so that the lines would flow up and out. As in life, I personally want to grow as a person and I want life's happenings, whether good or bad, to shape my life in a greater, stronger way.

Part of what I love to do in creating a painting is construction. I have a background in Machine Technology and technical drawing so power tools are cool. I build stretcher frames, wrap canvas and cradled hardboard panels. It is just as fulfilling as painting and there is something about nurturing a painting from it's infancy. This particular painting, "Direction Change" is one of my smaller pieces measuring in at 17 x 13 x 1.5 inches on wrapped canvas. I initially applied plaster to the entire canvas just to give my background some depth. Then I used fibre paste from Liquitex to create the composition. I layered acrylic paint and sanded it create depth and use a final coat of varnish to unify.

"Direction Change" was sold to a local collector of my works through my favorite shop in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario called The Artist's Alcove. I have many paintings there presently if you would like to check them out or call for more information or to contact me directly through my website

I have a group exhibition coming up for the month of April at The Museum of Northern History in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. It is a contemporary arts exhibit with the theme of "Ode to Joy" where my painting Pure Joy will be shown. Check out my facebook page for more info on this: 

TThis image was taken at the midway point in the painting to show the color balance I have created.

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  1. loving this Jackie! i can feel it. congrats to the purchaser.