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Friday, March 27, 2015

ROPE A DOPE - By Alex Mercer


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Artist: Scott Mercer
Location: Louisville, Kentucky USA
Work of Art: ROPE A DOPE

The city I live in is Louisville, KY, and one of the most iconic “Louisvillians” to ever emerge from here is none other than Muhammad Ali. I saw this mural downtown a few years back and I always wanted to take a picture of it. So, when I got my first nice camera and the new Photoshop a couple of months ago, I decided to give it a go. After completing my piece, I feel as though I brought back to life a dilapidated remnant of an amazing work of art that personifies this city as a whole.

This piece is not a painting or a drawing, but instead it is a rejuvenation of a dilapidated mural from the heart of my city. It is a digitally altered photograph but the cool thing is that the paper that it is printed on is metallic. This means that, in the light, the piece gives off this metal look and feel to it that other matte pieces cannot. This paper cannot bend, rip, or tear and the metallic sheen doesn't fade once behind a glass frame.

 I have always loved Muhammad Ali. My grandpa went to the Olympic trials for boxing back in his 20’s and he still today shows me pictures that he took of Muhammad Ali in his prime. This is why I had to create this piece.

Beck Nickolls, an art historian from Charnwood, England, is about finished with a giant article on my locally inspired work (including the Muhammad Ali piece). Other than that I have had a few shoutouts on twitter by local businesses and people. I have not been in any galleries or art shows yet but I aspire to be in the near future! The main place to buy and see all of my work is on

“Muhammad Ali”
Sizes available: 20x30 - $39.99
16x20 - $31.99
11x14 – $22.99
Printed on Metallic Paper
Contact: Alex Mercer
Phone:  (502) 718-8184

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