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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tell us About Your Art - You Deserve to Make a Big Deal About Your Work!

A Special Invitation To All Artists

Immortal Artist is opening its forum up to other artists. We want to give artists a platform to show specific piece of their work. Not in the way of a conventional portfolio, but in a more personal way. We want to give you a chance to show it and tell us about it. More than a two sentence description, we want to know the inner mind of the artist and their creation.

There is no cost and no obligation. Just a chance to show your work to a new audience. Keep in mind that the reason I ask for a longer explanation of the piece is because just a piece of art is not enough. People like to become emotionally involved in the art they buy. By showcasing a specific piece of art and explaining it, betters the chances of selling it. That is if its for sale at all. This can include works that are no longer available as long as you note that in your description. If you are particularly proud of a past piece of art, this is the chance to talk about it.

If you would like to showcase a specific piece of art, please include your presentation (as long as you want it) and any photos you want included. Send them to:


Please only one piece of art per submission so we don't get them mixed up.

I've put together this basic list of some of the aspects of your art that a potential buyer might be interested in. Please consider the following aspects and put together a short presentation about the piece. Please include photo work (no limit) of the piece to include and I will post it to the blog and make as big a deal out of it as I can. Again there is no cost and no I don't take anything for the effort. These are things I wish I had access to as an artist and since they don't exist in the way I envision them, I figured I'd just create them myself.

Things to Consider in Your Presentation

Why - This simple question is most often on the minds of a viewer to your art. If it is simply a landscape or a bowl of fruit, the "why" is usually pretty specific without having to belabor the point. But if the are is unusual, simply explaining "why" you created it and the motivation behind it can go along way towards emotionally involving the viewer.

Materials - A viewer always likes to know what you used to make your art. Some answers are pretty simple "acrylic paint", but more and more these days artists are using unusual materials to create their art.

History - Beyond the simple question "why", some art has a deeper reason for being created. The history or a particular piece may be obvious to the creator, but endlessly fascinating to the viewer. "You had a dream as a child" or "you had got hit on the head and suddenly had a vision" are all acceptable historic reasons for your creation.

Where - Where has the piece been so far (if anyplace)? Have you shown it in galleries? Has it been in museums? Have others written about it?

Basic Stats - Don't forget your basic stats. The name of the piece, the size, the price and of course who to contact regarding purchase are all important facts. If the piece is not for sale or already sold its still valuable so show it anyway!

WIP - If you have Work in Progress shots of the piece and would like to include them, please feel free to do so. Just make sure you label them so we know what they are.

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