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Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Work of Photographer Nicklaus Ransom

"Wrapped in Plastic 18"

He wanted to do ugly, the specific phrase given to me was "Saran Wrap and nightmare fuel". Out of the full set we did, this one was my favorite. Its a lovely kind of ugly. There's a softness in it that's just slightly out of place, and I love it for that

"Eventual Erosion"

Taken almost ten years ago during my first visit to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'd always wanted to go there since I found out about the place and finally having the chance to visit was surreal. I fell in love with the peeling paint and the kind of decay the place had to it.

"Offering 1"

This was part of a three piece series, Altar, Offering and Procession.  Offering was staged to make him look like a cross between some kind of strange priest, and a venerated space of a person..

"Procession 32"

Done as a kind of emergence, I shot these largely telling him to "just do whatever as long as it doesn't knock the flowers over".

"Teeth on a Platter"

My best friend lives out in the middle of nowhere near a cattle farm, and occasionally we go bone hunting on the outskirts of his property. I'd been trying to get re-acquainted with my camera after a long break from it, and figured it would be fun to shoot some of the bones and skulls I've got.


We found a full set of living room furniture nestled in the weeds of a vacant lot nearby where we live during one of our wanderings. Everything about it was so surreal, wandering through weeds and then coming onto what looked like the leftovers of a misplaced living room.

Artist: Nicklaus Ransom
Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156371852@N07/
Email: nicholasahren@gmail.com

Instagram: nicklausransom_

Nicklaus Ransom is a photographer, musician, bone collector and history nerd living in Upstate NY. He's been playing with cameras on and off since high school where he fell in love with the smell of dark room chemicals and later, the fact that he could shoot as much as possible with a digital camera. 

Willing to shoot anything from flowers to half-rotten deer corpses, the preference and passion lays along the lines of the slightly surreal and frequently disconcerting, with a swath of outdoors photography and spontaneous portraits thrown in for kicks.

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