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Friday, May 1, 2015

Civilian Body Cameras - Reverse Engineering Abuse


An organized civil force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws.

I am a Transdisciplinary Artist. In basic terms I use art to think new thoughts and create new ideas. I collect data, ideas, history, science, etc and I toss them all in the blender of my mind and see what I come up with. This is one of them.

With all the recent problems across the country with police abuse, it seems to me that this is the moment for some resourceful company to step in and instead of offering body cameras to the police, they create a simple inexpensive recording device that can be warn by citizens instead.

You might argue, well that's what cell phones are for. But face it, if your about to be chased by the police, are you really going to have time to whip out your cell phone? And even if you did, do you really think that officer is going to let you keep that phone? It will be crushed on the ground in a moments notice.

But if said individual had his/her own body camera and wore it when they went out? Some might say well that just creates a fear mentality. But, would the benefits outweigh the negatives? Would it force police to be more cautious? Would it force them to act in a respectful way to all citizens if they knew there was even a chance that they might on camera the whole time? Right now with police cameras there is always a chance of foul play by the officer, or by persons in the department to fiddle with said recordings. But its much harder to do so if the camera is on the suspect.

It may truly create a paranoid society, I must admit that. But if I am not doing anything wrong, I think I'd feel a heck of a lot safer if I was recording any interactions with the police.

What would something like this do for those who also witness violent crimes? We already feel safer in our homes when we have security cameras outside. And those cameras already help catch criminals. What more can a body camera do?

I do not want to create a siege mentality in our world, that would be a worse nightmare than what is happening now. But I also believe that things trend and then they ebb. I think a civilian body camera would trend for awhile, be very popular and then ebb off eventually as the crime rate lowered and abuses like what happened in Baltimore lessen.

Its a thought. The point is, think out of box folks. Solve this problem by looking at it in a totally new way.


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