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Monday, June 29, 2015


Immortal Artist seeks to give a venue for creatives to discuss and show specific pieces of their work. We want to give you a forum to talk about the history and development of specific pieces of art. If you would like more information please check out the following link.

Artist: Eman Elnezami
Location: Egypt
Work of Art: The Soulmate Destination

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 OIL PAINTING 12 *16 inch

this is about two BEAUTIFUL perfect soul mates who are alike each other, not only in their features but in the soul as well. Their souls are more beautiful than their faces. Many different emotions and thoughts are conveyed here, optimism being just one!they anticipate the future together smiling without worrying, looking at the same point which you cannot see but they definitely can.

The inner peace flows in with that delicate happiness and gentle smile on both faces. calmness, joy and fun they are experiencing all when they are together. They love to give to others and that is beautifully obvious from the green blossoming around them. The relationship they have or more accurately the soul interaction they are having is deep and phenomenal. It feels like home to them,it feels like being secure,it feels like love,being in harmony with fullness and ,expansion, a growing together,happiness with extreme awareness. It feels like being in a perfect bubble. That gentle touch of  their hair and this nice blend of their souls gives you sense of warmth  and inner joy. 

You can feel a sense of security,responsibility and mutual respect in their way of relying on one another.It is like no one is imposing unless being sure that the other is feeling good and sure about helping at this particular space and time. It is a deliberate conscious choice they made to feel like coming home with each other, to flow freely independently even when they are having the most loving connection and a really good time together. 

What human extreme connection do you have? What deliberate choice will you make or in other words what is your Vow? Has freedom been one of them? What soul level DEEP connection do you have? Did you create something like that yet ? 


The artist has created a special audio to accompany this description. You can listen to it here:

You can view this and other works by the artist at:

You can reach Eman through the following:

Twitter: @emynezamy
Soundcloud: Eman Ali

Eman Elnezami

I am a physician, who started using oil painting as my own tool to release stress and HEAL my own inner soul . I believe the emotional art is a bridge between your inner-self and outer appearance. I used them as following; put intention into a painting everyday like motivation and dive into some part for ex the eyes, I see something that motivates me forward.Whatever intention you put, you get . Also being in contact with different people every single day made me carry emotions that are not mine and I needed a channel to get them through, exciting thing happened, every single one of them contains mixed amount of emotions so you will find at least one emotion that you will feel. I paint interactions between people as well, woman and her child, coworkers, friends .These are similar to everyday interactions. Something in common in all my work. You will feel something! I use oil on canvas in all my work. I fell in love with the similarity between emotions of human kind, it is all the same! Instead of feeling the pain inside I strongly believe that you can get them up in front of you seeing, acknowledging and releasing them . Take as much time as you would like in front of them.