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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Moon & The Marketing - Daily Log for 07-30-15

Finally, as seen above, David's Luna is completed. 5 feet across, this piece took about 14 hours just to spread the wax that forms its color. Getting this finished has been my main goal tonight. Being so large its taken up a lot of studio space over the past few weeks. So will be glad to move on to something new.

The intern training to take place today had to be postponed due to heavy storms yet again in the area. So it gave me a bit more time to work on this.

The other project of the day has been installing an ordering system for my inventory. This is something that my website has desperately needed and I've been lax about putting in place.

I cannot stress to other artists the importance of keeping a great inventory system of your art images. We pay attention to making sure the actual art is stored properly, but we pay much less attention to our inventory systems.

Mine encompasses approximately 300 pieces of work that include paintings and sculptures. But much worse than that is the accumulated inventory of thousands of images taken over the past 13 years. Images that are broken down into different series that all need names, ID numbers, pricing, etc. I've always considered myself a well organized person where it comes to my inventory, but it is truly challenging lining it all up to place on the newly redesigned website and getting all priced and into the buying system. I suspect I'll be at it for months.

This all part of the daily experience of operating a serious art studio and making the most of what you create. This is something I'll be teaching the interns soon so they start out on the right path towards maintaining their work.

Tomorrow are model interviews for an upcoming body sculpture project.

That is all for tonight. I am so tired I can barely type this, but my promise to myself is to create a meaningful daily blog even if I do it half asleep! On towards another day.


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