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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Materials - Daily Artist Log for 07-31-15

This has been one of those tedious studio days where it doesn't feel like you've gotten anything of importance done, yet you worked your ass off. 

Of six interviews set up for body sculpture models only two actually showed. Unreliability is part of the culture of New Orleans at times. But the two I did see were well fitted to the concepts I want to work with. 

And just in time too. The grant money came today from Visual AIDS. This organization seeks to support artists who are HIV+. Their system is well thought out. I supply them with receipts from this grant and show them what was created with the funds and it places me in their system for a larger grant six months from now. Very helpful! 

This grant was $400 in the form of an art gift card to spend how I wished on art products carried through Blick Art Supplies. About half was invested into new airbrushes and airbrush materials, which is how I will be painting the models mentioned above in part. The other half was used in support materials for the studio to help with the training of emerging artists interns. This fits well with Visual AIDS goals because my intern program is specifically for LGBT emerging artists. So it makes sense to invest back in materials to support that program. I kept about $40 in reserve in case there is something crucial I need later. 

So I literally spent about 4 hours going through Blick's online catalog, looking at materials and putting together my buy list. 

There was no art this evening. Still wrestling with this new buying system for my sculptures and prints. I think there are going to be a few frustrating nights ahead sorting through it and at least getting the most important pieces set up with it. 

Tonight though I am just too tired to deal with it further and I think after this daily log I will go to bed early (yeah 3AM is early for me)

There is a huge thunder storm out over the Gulf of Mexico tonight, about 40 miles here. But its lighting the sky up with huge flashes and I may just go watch the show for a few minutes before bed. 

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