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Monday, October 20, 2014


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Artist: Melissa Tallman
Location: Iowa, USA
Work of Art: Fools Paradise/Over the Edge

Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 16"

This painting is part of the Red Bird collection (which is a collection of 20-25 art pieces) which is designed to tell a story about an abuse victim and her struggles from her mind's emotional perspective. I created the whole collection as a type of therapy (I'm pretty big about using art as a way of handling negative emotions instead of resorting to self harm and such.)
Fool's Paradise/ Over the Edge itself is really like a recap/ third and first person perspective/ foreshadowing.

In the beginning of the collection you see skyscrapers which tell you that her dad lives in a large city and she feels like she is entering a new chapter of her life and she feels optimistic about it (this being based on my love of large cities, I always feel hopeful about larger buildings). She had spoken to her dad on the phone previously and told her about how great the city was so she was really happy and excited. but when she arrived to the city and she suffered through the abuse and neglect (and at one part of the story, she ran away to see her mom at the hospital because her mom was getting cancer treatments, and her mom had looked really sick and she realized that her mom might die. so she had that on her mind too) so that means that she had been living in a false paradise and was being brought to the harsh reality and this harsh reality would eventually lead to her "fall" (fall meaning her suicide attempt later on in the collection near the end because she couldn't handle it anymore.) so the flowers and the prettiness symbolizes the beginning of the collection when she thought that everything was great and the pit symbolizes what is going to happen near the end of the collection. The sky shows you her perspective part, it could be a clear sky but there are clouds instead, the clouds symbolize that she is losing hope, and she feels uncertain about what is going to happen (The crystal ball has smudges on it) and while she looks at the sky trying to understand, she is still walking towards her death with out knowing it fully.

This painting has never displayed on public before (has to be framed before display and it is currently getting a custom frame made for it).
The painting has not been publicized about on it's own; it has always shared an article with the rest of the Red Bird Collection.

Sioux City Journal

Boone News Republican

LeMars Daily Sentinel

You can reach Melissa through the following:

Twitter: @EmptyJayArt

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