Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grey's Rules of Twitter (#Twitter Science 101)

Rule #1

Always have a profile! It gives others a point of reference to start a conversation with you. We don't like talking to a blank wall.

Rule #2

The more information you post, the more others will follow you. In turn the lamer the information you post the less you will be followed.

Rule #3

If your only going to post recycled quotes that have already been posted a thousand times close your computer and go away
Rule #4

If your going to follow a person just to get them to follow you and then unfollow, feel ashamed, hang your head and stop wasting peoples time.

Rule #5

Don't expect people to answer questions you may pose, they rarely respond.

Rule #6

A picture is worth a thousand words, unless its a picture of your breasts, other peoples breasts, poorly shot food photos or your recent painting of Marilyn Monroe.

Rule #7

Check your follows every day and follow them back. Exceptions are spam and people without profiles or anyone showing a photo of anything listed in Rule #6.

Rule #8

Don't tell me to go visit your page, facebook, instagram, etc. I won't and rarely does anyone else.

Rule #9

Use humor. God knows we all need a laugh or two, again notable exceptions are anything listed in Rule #6 however chuckle eliciting your breasts may be.

Rule #10

BE CREATIVE! Make people want to look at your feed.

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