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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Faces of the Darkness and the Light - The Artists

March 18, 2016
YaYa Art Center
3322 LaSalle Street

New Orleans

The Darkness & Light show in New Orleans is about more than one artist. A special group of creatives have come together for one extraordinary evening. Each of these artists have very special qualities that make them who they are. While this page is merely an introduction to each of them we encourage you to come and meet them at the show and find out more about their special talents and gifts!

For more information on the show click here:


John Sevigny

* Born in Miami, 1969

* Studied Enterprise & Investigative Journalism at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies

* More than 40 solo exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Holland, and El Salvador

* Has participated in more than 30 collective exhibitions in Oregon, Texas, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Italy, Mexico, Florida, California, Louisiana, Guatemala, Portugal and Spain

* Has taught, given workshops and lectured at schools and photography centers including: Pratt Institute; School of Visual Arts; Chicago Photography Center; MPLS Photography Center, Minneapolis; University of Wisconsin Oshosh; MARTE, Museo del Arte, El Salvador; University of Wisconsin Waukesha; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Loyola University, Chicago; Depaul University; College of Dupage; University of Illinois Chicago; Goshen University; Benedictine University; El Gimnasio del Arte, Mexico City; Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico; Universidad Centroamericana, El Salvador; and Centro de Diseno y Cultura, Guatemala City.

* Has published critical articles and photographs at Guernica Magazine; Blackstar Rising;, Art Papers and Latin American News Dispatch

Rosie Hartmann

For Rosie Hartmann, a Milwaukee, WI artist, it all started with photography and her father. As a young girl, she tagged along during his photo walks. In her wild teenage years, this artist made sure to fit in graphic arts classes and enjoyed being the newspaper photographer. Those were the days of the dark room and developing her own prints.

However, life sped on and her photography/art was put on hold as the years and experiences built a shell around this artist.  Some people fold in on their circumstances; however this artist leaped out of her situation, got back to her passions and back to herself. This lead to a solo exhibition in 2012 that received complimentary reviews in local papers.

Hartmann is an accomplished photographer and her work stands on its own. This wasn’t enough because simple photography does not allow her to tell her story. Hartmann began her quest to manipulate photos to bring out her own vision of singular moments in 2011. Under the mentorship artist Lawrence D’Attilio’s, Hartmann found direction, focus, and was challenged to create at a higher level. Acrylic paints and watercolors were quickly added to her arsenal of tools to create her vision. In 2014, Rosie presented her mixed media series in a solo exhibition in Milwaukee, WI. In early 2015 she gained representation by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Today, this artist is a speaker, contributor, and advocate on the topic of creating art.  She has presented to other photographers on going beyond the camera. Rosie also volunteers as a MIM artist with the Alzheimer’s Association

Grey Cross

Grey Cross is an Assimilation artist, sculptor and photographer with over 25 years of experience. He is an art activist and a teacher as well as the owner of the LGBT Emerging Artists Conservatory. He operates and writes for the Immortal Artist blog where he shares the life of an artist and its pros and cons. He is also the conceptual creator of the Assimilation Art movement. Grey's works include a body of sculpture based on New Orleans cemetery tombs, a series based luminescent backlit art and his current study of Mississippi River driftwood. His studio is in New Orleans, Louisiana where he lives with his partner author and artist Poppy Z Brite (aka Billy Martin)


Patrick Moen

Patrick Moen, born 1978, hailing from Minneapolis, MN, lives now as a decidedly under-the-radar NOLA painter.  Drawing inspiration from decades of intentionally making life's obvious mistakes, art is a lifeboat for this man.  Created out of a desperate sense of survival, his images aren't intended to be easily captioned.  This work is merely a buoy for him to grasp at, as waves of shame and guilt and joy and love and chaos and silence roll over him.  It is hoped that the work speaks what he can not.

Butch Bignell

Butch Bignell grew up mostly in Spain and Turkey, where he developed an old-world taste for voyeuristic sex and violence. He has degrees in English and music but no art education. Usually he works online as a teacher, his lifelong day job.

Fannie DelRio

Emerging artist, with a background on audio visual . Won some awards making community documentaries. Rock and blues Music performer.  She moved from Florida to the  New Orleans the  Trans Calling. in the summer of 2015  was part of the summer internship of Mr Grey Cross, who taught the essence and vibrant  undiscovered lifesforms and fantastic dimensions of Art. She thinks Magic treasures are everywhere only is necessary to have open eyes and honest heart.

Andrew LeBlanc

I'm a  Louisiana native, originally from Lafayette, LA and comes to New Orleans via New York City. I have been practicing, studying and living  art for six years.   I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, focused on visual art and writing. I let the places I live and visit inspire my art by assembling found-materials into works meant to reflect my thoughts about philosophy and my experience of modern life.

Viva Whitlark

(Bio Pending)


Poppy Z. Brite (aka Billy Martin)

Poppy Z Brite is a well known author and native of New Orleans. His many books include Lost Souls, Drawing Blood and Second Line. He retired in the early 2000's and became an artist and full time Voodoo root doctor. He is an advocate for Transgender rights. He makes his home in Central City with his partner and fellow artist Grey Cross. 

Louis Maistros

Louis Maistros is a novelist, photographer, musician and longtime resident of the New Orleans 8th Ward neighborhood. His photography has been printed in publications such as  National Geographic and The New Orleans Times-Picayune, as well as having graced many book covers, including works by Elise Blackwell, P. Curran and Geoff Munsterman. Regarding his art photography, former Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane has called him “a wizard with light, shadows, and colors." He has written two novels, including “The Sound of Building Coffins,” about which Peter Straub has said, “Louis Maistros has written a lyrical, complex, and brave novel that takes enormous risks and pulls them all off. He is a writer to watch and keep reading, a writer to cherish.” His song, “Go Down Water,” has been recorded by Papa Mali, and can be heard on the soundtrack of the documentary, “Dancing in the Water.” He is mildly self-conscious about the fact that he shares a birthday with Lee Harvey Oswald, and is currently working out a conspiracy theory about that.


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