Monday, March 7, 2016

Image of the Day - The Hanging Tree

This is an example of an art technique I am often asked about. This piece is a driftwood sculpture. It started by attaching the driftwood to a tile base Its then hung in an adjustable wire cradle with a drip plate beneath it. Foaming glue is then applied to create a drip pattern on the wood. The piece will be adjusted approximately 30 times in the cradle to cause the foaming glue to dry in different striated patterns and to build up and expand slowly. Each adjustment takes about an hour to place the glue and allow it to dry and expand. The piece seen here has had 11 turns so far. Its a slow process but the patterns that come from it are sometimes amazing. This would not be possible with normal glue as the dry time would make it a hopelessly long process. Foaming glue dries within an hour and because it expands it increases the pattern. 

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