Friday, April 15, 2016

Image of the Day - The High King

I have a particular love for Irish and Scottish myth and history. This could be because I am one half Scot and one half Irish. This piece represents the burial of a high king of the Scots. Watching over his burial crypt is death to the left and the spirit of a druid tree to the right. There are seven skull totems surrounding it. The crypt rests on beautiful piece of driftwood fished out of the Mississippi a few weeks ago. The crypt is made from stone tile with metal cornices. Within it will eventually rest the skeletal mummy of the high king, resplendent with crown and sword. I am planning to use my own red hair to weave the braids that will form the top of the head. 


Here is a finished view of the High King laid to rest. I need to do a few more details on him tomorrow but the basics are complete now. Considering that he's only 5 inches long I don't think he looks too bad.

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