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Friday, April 22, 2016

Image of the Day - The Grotto of the Golden Skull

The Grotto of the Golden Skull began life as a far different piece of art. It was originally attached to a large temple complex which I created about a year ago. The piece was an experiment in architecture and was never really meant to be a piece of art for sale. It remained in my storage area in a state of about 75% completion. The grotto itself was completed and was attached to one end of the 5 foot frame. I always loved that part of bigger piece and when I determined to deconstruct the bigger piece I decided I needed to try and save the grotto and turn it into its own sculpture. It took me several hours of careful cutting to remove the piece and I was finally able to separate it all in one piece. At 29" across its still a large piece and one of the few that needed to be mounted on board instead of tile. Its actually very light because most of it was made of dry foam with an overlay of clay. 

Here you see it successfully transferred to its new base. With so much extra space I had to decide to do with it. Thus the large skull being added. In this photo you cannot see well that all the tiny specs of gold are actually heaps of golden skulls. So it was only natural that I should incorporate a larger skull into the piece which will also eventually be painted gold.

The piece will be on display at the New Orleans Art Garden on Saturday April 23rd for anyone who'd like to see it up close. 

Info on the art garden can be found at the link above.

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