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Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Art of Dante


Artist: Dante
Twitter: @magemancer
Specs: Materials Used to Create Art Piece The traditional aspects used ink, ballpoint pen, art markers. The digital aspects were done in MyPaint program
Artists Notes: Left and right hemisphere of the brain working together in unity to create evolution of physics and metaphysics from the discovery of fire to electricity to the invention of block chain. This piece is not for sale.

Art reflects the complexities of the artists mind. I like to think that every piece of art in some way is a mirror of what the artist was going through when they created the piece. If we are in a troubled turbulent time in our career, the art will show it. If we are at peace and in a tranquil place, the art will in turn also be tranquil. This piece by artist Dante is layered with underlying messages that I can't help but feel reflects who he is and where he is at in the world. Madness often makes for the greatest art, even if the artist is controlled outwardly, an inner madness can often be the most enlightening. We look forward to seeing more art from Dante and trying to grasp the inner struggles revealed in his work. ~G~ 

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