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What Are We?

Since its creation five years ago immortalartist has sought to be different from most other creative websites. We wanted to break the rules for how creativity was perceived online.

Static Information Flow

Most content on a web is static. It does not move or change with the users of the site. These are static flat websites. "This apple is red" will still mean the apple is red five years later. We see information as a flow. Creativity is what creates the flow and in turn the apple becomes whatever color we want it to be every moment of its existence on the site.

Emotion Information Flow

What is social media? Social media is the exact opposite of a static website. Put into its simplest terms "Social Media is Emotional Information Flow". On social media, the apple may remain red, but we are sad, happy and angry about it.

Every post you make or respond to on social media represents both a flow of information and a flow of the users emotions. Sometimes creativity is added. The apple is blue because I say it is! But it is not the rule that it is always applied.

The Creative Ecosystem

We are a creative ecosystem. We employ information that helps creatives both learn and promote themselves. We employ a constant flow of creativity which changes the information content constantly. And we employ emotions that allows those who interact with it to see it an emotional gut level.

This blog uses the Living Blog concept, an idea created by Grey Cross

Grey Cross Studios/Immortal Artist Operations
New Orleans

Friday, May 4, 2018

A First Look at The Displaced Sculpture

Work has begun on the next sculpture the City Lost series. I am calling this one "The Displaced" for reasons that will become clear later. This is slightly taller than the last sculpture, almost 8 feet in height. Here you see it with its completed base color using two shades of gray with a very light rose color. These are latex paints as opposed to acrylics for durability. There is also a small amount of copper and silver spray paint added in places to give it the look of having been a much fancier building once. Tomorrow begins work on the massive graffiti and street art that will be added to it along with some radical rearranging of the studio to make room for these larger pieces.

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