Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Art of Kela

"In Shadowland"
Artist: Kela 
Twitter: @Art_by_Kela

Process: IN 2015 I started a photography project which took on a life of it's on and morphed over time into PhotoLution. Starting point is always 1 or several of my photos - end result is a new different image based on perception, my emotional state, mood and creativity. 1. Photography, 2. digital  rebirth, 3. print, 4. if print on canvas I finish with adding texture and paint (acrylic) which makes each piece one of a kind.

Grey's Notes on This Piece: Kela's work is fascinating. She realizes that a photo is only the beginning of an amazing process that can produce so much more. By blending disciplines she creates a totally unique piece of art which captivates the eye and makes you search deeper into the piece to find hidden meanings. ~G~

Kela Says:

This is piece #7. The entire series reflects my emotional state of mind during that time period, sort of a visual story ...the names of my pieces are carefully chosen and give clues. However, I believe that everybody has their own way of seeing and understanding which will always  lead to individual interpretations which I welcome.

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