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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mother Please!! The Dystopia Project (UPDATED 05-26-18)

This is a first look at the fourth urban ruin being built for the Dystopia Project. For those not familiar, the Dystopia Project is a series of lifelike urban ruins, each with a specific theme placed throughout each building in the form of street art and graffiti. 

"Mother Please!!" is an abandoned warehouse filled with graffiti and street art that involves the AIDS epidemic. Please be warned that the subject matter contained in the images can be disturbing.

The images you see here shows the inside of the warehouse and the graffiti being added on each floor. Once the inside is complete, a front facing will be placed on the building and then the outside walls will be filled with graffiti. 

The name "Mother Please!!" is derived from a statue laying on the second floor of Mary with the Christ child. It is a plea of help to Mary and a plea of help to the mothers of all AIDS victims. There is red paint dripping over her from the word Blood scrawled on the third floor. Its a tough piece, there is no doubt about that. But the themes explored in each ruin are not supposed to be easy ones to face.

This is the last photo before the facing is sealed over the inside.

A first look at the building with its facing in place and burn barrels glowing in the dark

This is a look at the graffiti work for the front facing of the building. You can tell instantly that the subject matter is rough and painful. 

Here you can see the structure with its upper walls added and the "crucified street art" in place. 

Here is a close up of the "Crucified Street Art"

This is looking down from above at the "Mother Mercy!!" toppled statue and accompanying graffiti.

This is a closer view of the "Mother Mercy!!" statue.

This is looking down from above at the "Butterfly Effect" street art, located way down below on the first floor. 

This is a slightly better view of the "Butterfly Effect" street art from the street view.

This is a view of the first floor street art called "Emergence". It is a skeleton wrapped in a cocoon, hanging from the rafters of the first floor. 

Most of the work is completed at this stage on both the inside and the front of the structure. Now the focus turns to the backside. I'm going to explain the next step because it might look a little odd for the time being. I am taking 6 plastic Halloween skeletons. They will be wrapped and set in clay to make them look like bodies in various states of decay.  They will then be set in every other window. The remaining lower space will be filled with the names of the dead who lost their lives to the AIDS epidemic. Its gruesome, but its essential. Keep in mind that the point of the sculpture is to seem as much like urban decay as possible. These skeletons would be an art installation placed on the abandoned building to make a point. Here are some opening shots of the back of the sculpture as I plan out spacing and how best to proceed. 

This is the completed back of the structure. 

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