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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dr Grimm's Freak Circus & Petting Zoo - Understanding the Concept Behind the Art

Dr Grimm's is part of my Evolutionary art series. The piece is a combination of graffiti and street art which is themed towards a particular subject. The Dr. Grimm's piece was developed for a show where the theme was clowns. The piece is 7 feet high by 5 feet across but only 4 inches deep. 

It is the second piece created for the Evo Art series. The first "The Door to Nowhere" was themed around climate change and was shown at a December show in New Orleans. 

There are a few unique aspects to the art form. 

The first is that it evolves. Once the show is complete it will return to my studio where it will changed and added to and aspects currently on it will be removed. Just like a graffiti covered wall, it changes with time and the messages upon it. 

The second is that its built up from smaller messaging. While there is an overall theme to the piece, there are also smaller more individualistic themes within the street art placed upon it. 

The third is that built into each piece is an OCTAS cypher. In the case of the Dr. Grimm's piece there is a puzzle to solve. The one who solves it first will win a $1,000+ driftwood sculpture for presenting the answer to the puzzle. The answer will accepted after the show not just during it. 


It makes people look closer. Instead of glancing over the art, people stop, look more closely and consider each aspect represented in the art. Viewers are encouraged to take as many photos of the art as they wish and to look the photos over when they get home in order to solve the puzzle. There are no clues. There is just the art. 

One of the biggest problems artists face is getting the viewer to look more closely at their work. Most people glance and move on. This is meant to stop them in their tracks and take it all in. 

I think the concept of a piece of art that changes over time is the aspect I love the most about this type of art. A viewer who see's a particular piece ten times over several years will not be bored with it, rather they are intrigued to understand whats changed and evolved.

Again, anything that makes the viewer pause and observe is crucial to an artists success. This is especially true in an art show where there are multiple artists involved. You want the viewer to leave the show remembering your art, not forgetting it the moment they move on to the next piece. 

Here are some views of the piece under development showing the depth of detail placed in the piece. 

As always questions and comments on the art form are always welcome and shared.

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