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Monday, March 18, 2019

The Work of Artist Carlos A. Rosell

Artist: Carlos A. Rosell
Age:  50
DOB: 11/07/1968
Born: Havana, Cuba
Resides: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Area of Specialization: Sculpture, Painting, Photography and Music

In his work Rosell reflects his self-taught search for constructive messages for the actual problems of today. He mixes different techniques and with  vast evident coloring in the paint, as well as, the sculpture has enriched the sensibility of mankind. Thus, permitting his reality of a mixture of innocence and exaggerated surprise , this is an extra ordinary condition for attentive artist. You may find greater expectations because they belong  to a social and existent condition for those who were least favorable because of the change of the signs of times,  maybe because they have signed for the dramatic realization of their historical ability


I was instantly taken with Carlos's work. He has an intense understanding of color and explores it in a way that is not often seen. He has a great sense of symmetry in his work that is even reflected in his more abstract work. His art is not peaceful. It is frenetic and intense in a way that locks the eye onto the canvas and makes it search out all the secrets contained within it. He is definitely one to watch.

You can see more of Carlos's work through his Twitter account at: @carlosrpmix

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