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Today's Art

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Work of Photographer Kyle Wiles (New Work Added)


"Rainforest Sky"

"Bridge With Sky"

"Tree Between Realities"

"In and Out of Dreams"

"There is Still Hope"

"Prismatic Sky" 


"Uncontrolled Sun"


"Frozen Colors"

Prints are available with multiple options. Go to http://kylewilesphoto.com/prints  or contact the artistst directly at kylewilesphoto@outlook.com

Artist: Kyle Wiles
Age:  34
Resides: Washington, Illinois (USA)
Area of Specialization: Photography 
Website: http://kylewilesphoto.com 
Twitter: @sunwukong_1

Kyle Wiles is a central Illinois based photographer, whose work has been evolving over the past several years. Although his career started in the skilled trades he has always wanted to do creative work, and has been focusing on growing as an artist. Kyle is often inspired by the line between dreams and reality and as such much of his work contains elements that are real along with elements that are not.

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