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Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Work of Artist & Photographer XXX Zombie Boy XXX (New Work Added)

To bathe in venom
Love the reptile
Embrace of fangs 
Drift as Lilith 
Shadow play in the void

Thanks to The Bodacious Banshee for modeling for the above images!

Acrylic painting on antique window backlit with LED lights and dimmer

Reflecting the cycle of life from death from life. The ever recycling energy of organic materials returning to Mother Earth, feeding the roots and giving life back. 

Available at Secondline Arts and Antiques on Decatur Street, New Orleans)

Photography/Digital Art

There is someone in the reflection. Another, a shade, a representative, a shadow and echo of image. Following every move and gesture. I never trusted him much. Least of all once the Scythe took over the reflection.

Available in multiple medium prints at


She knelt there awaiting the change, knowing she would shed all before the Mother as the wings began to slowly emerge.

Available in multiple medium prints at

Acrylic on canvas

With arms of old oak outstretched into air that felt of forest and smelled of smoke and rural dreams

Available in multiple medium prints at

Photography/Digital Art

The waters were still in those moments. Those last bursting moments of sun as the sky went ablaze. I saw it then in the last of the light. The green flash. The primordial torch to heaven. And as that dusk took hold, the previously still and silent moments became a chorus to everything that lived there.

Available in multiple medium prints at


XXX ZOMBIEBOY XXX aka David Storm, is a writer of eclectic horror, ranging in themes from Southern Gothic, dark fantasy, zombie dystopia and Lovecraftian terror, to even erotica and poetry. David is a multi-talented artist and Jack-of-all-trades who expresses his distinctive aesthetic through a variety of mediums. David is a photographer of the beautiful and the macabre, an avid painter, an actor in both theater and film (where he prefers to play villains and antiheroes), and he has dabbled in music, sculpture, jewelry, modeling, dance, performance art, digital editing, and film making. David Storm’s horror-inspired art has been displayed at the Museum of Florida History, several New Orleans galleries including Tresor Gallery and Gallery X on Royal, Jewels on Decatur, Boutique Du Vampyre, Secondline Arts and Antiques, and HFL Gallery on St. Mary, as well as various other venues in Tallahassee and Denver. David, under the pseudonym “XXX Zombieboy XXX” has published more than eleven books and produced two music videos for DVD release. 

David is also a columnist, cartoonist and the Film and Literature Editor for Carpe Nocturne Magazine and a columnist for Macabre Royalty Magazine. David Storm received his Masters Degree in Arts Administration and his Bachelors Degree in Media Production from Florida State University and worked for six years as an Arts Administrator for the Department of State where he ran the grants funding program for all of the museums in Florida. When not creating or immersing himself in art, David Storm enjoys being an all-around adventurer and survivalist, as well as a priest, a spiritualist, and an ocean diver. As an explorer, his ambition is to reach the South Pole, the northernmost point of 
Scotland, the Amazon Basin, and every continent on Earth within his lifetime.

You can see more of his work at:

You can contact the artist through his email at:

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