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Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Last Reef - Climate Sculpture

"The Last Reef" is part of my climate change series. This piece of dead wood was carved out by termites creating a fantastic patterning on the wood.

The wood was cleaned, cured and sealed using an spray epoxy to guarantee the pattern remained intact.

The color was created using a pallet of 17 different acrylic colors, blended together across the piece of wood. 

After the primary color was added, the whole piece was overlaid with a pearlescent white paint blended into the wood to allow the color to still show through, but to create a deep looking surface.

Finally the piece was mounted on a three level base. First on a 1' x 6" tile base. The tile base was then attached to a ceramic plinth. Last the plinth was attached to a 1' x 1' tile. All three base pieces were painted to match the colors of the wood. 

The completed piece weighs approximately 30 pounds. It is 2' long at its widest point. The piece will be on display at Grey Cross Studios outdoor art gallery through June 2018.

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