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Quantum Postcards - A Time Travel Story
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Friday, July 12, 2019

The Coventry Cathedral Project

A few months back I was asked to participate in a project to develop a surreal set of images based on the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in Great Britain. This massive cathedral was reduced to rubble during World War II. The art would be used as the cover art for a new CD being put out by the Royal Canadian Air Force Band.

This has been a real eye opener in what can be achieved with digital art. The ability to subtly manipulate and create emotions within what is basically the same base image is fascinating to me. A shadow here, a specific color change and the emotion of the whole image changes. 

While no decision has been made yet on whether they will use any of the images, its still been an interesting project to be involved with. 

These are the current images under consideration.


As you can see, they finally chose the version they liked. Here is the poster for their upcoming concert! 

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