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Friday, June 19, 2020

An Artists Memorial to Coventry Cathedral

In 2019 I was asked to participate in a project to develop a surreal set of images based on the ruins of Coventry Cathedral in Great Britain. This massive cathedral was reduced to rubble during World War II. The art would be used as the cover art for a new CD being put out by the Royal Canadian Air Force Band.

It was a fascinating project especially because there were not many images available of the original cathedral immediately after the blast. It really made me have to think outside the box to create multiple surreal images from the same base photos. 

Almost a year later a final image was chosen for the album cover and I was free to do what I wished with the images created. I'd really come to love this beautiful ruin and decided to add to the original portfolio and turn this into a memorial series for Coventry Cathedral. Here are the final pieces in the series. I may add to the series again later. 

This was the final version chosen for the album cover and the poster they created for it. 

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