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Friday, July 19, 2019

The Digital Graffiti Project - Conceptual Art

Several years ago I developed a series of art called "The Politics and Power of Street Art". It explored using graffiti as a form of art activism. During that time I developed a set of skills that allowed me to digitally manipulate images so as to make the viewer think they were looking at street art. In reality the images were all created by me, in the studio.

Starting with photo work I'd taken of a basic wall, I would add the components which put together the message I was trying to impart within the street art. I dubbed the conceptual idea "Digital Graffiti"

As time went by I refined the process but brought the series to a close because I was honestly just tiring of politics and needed a break. 

During the intervening years, I worked off and on with the concept and continued to refine it and use some of the ideas in other art series. But I've always wanted to go back and explore it as a pure art form without the necessity of political messages. 

So I am beginning the Digital Graffiti Project to better explore the conceptual idea and continue to refine my skills. The piece below is the first in this series. As is the case with most of my conceptual art, I wait for the inspiration to strike. Which means I'll add new art as inspiration calls to me. But if you'd like to discuss the concept, please feel free to post below. 

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