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Monday, July 22, 2019

This is the True Nature of Evolutionary Art (UPDATED)

The rules are broken, as well as the art. 

The first instinct of an artist when their art suffers damage is to fix it. In Evolutionary Art, the opposite applies. In the photo above you see a piece from the Evolutionary art series called Dr Grimm's Freak Circus and Petting Zoo". The original piece standing 7 feet high was created for a show six months ago. When the show was complete, the piece came back to the studio and became a permanent piece of art in the outdoor art space. 

Until now, its pretty much stayed as it was originally created. Then the lower torso of the skeleton fell off. Evolutionary Art teaches us that the art can take on other forms as it degrades, thus "evolving the art" to a new form. 

If you look at it, the piece just became much more interesting because the lower torso is laying there. The art just became something totally new. 

Now I can do one of several things. I could put the lower torso back on the piece of art. But that would not make it evolutionary would it? I could leave it exactly where it is and do nothing else. This would suit the doctrines of the art form but may create a small tripping obstacle for guests visiting the art space. Or I could move it slightly to eliminate the obstacle and I could add something new onto the piece where the torso previously was. Its all about choices. 

But if I want to stay true to the art form, then I will not choose choice #1. 

Its quite a fascinating art, where nature and time do a lot of the work for the artist. We just have to make decisions when something does change. 

Now in your minds eye, zoom this piece out 5 years. Its now 2024 and the piece has been in place for a very long time. But the artist (yeah thats me), has chosen to work with the piece each time nature destroys part of it. What does it now look like? Is there anything about the piece that is left from the original or has it changed so radically that is now totally a different piece of art? 

This is why Evolutionary Art is so fascinating. It is what is and then its something else. 

Intriguing, isn't it? 



Its been two months since the photo above was taken. In that time Dr Grimms has degraded further. The inclusion of the Cats Claw vines has given it an added patina that really shows the evolutionary process is not just limited to things wearing away, but also includes new things new rising up. 

Now is the time when I will start to look at adapting the art on it and adding new graffiti to the piece. Just like a wall of graffiti in the elements, new art is added over old and the art constantly evolves. 

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