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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Labyrinth Creators Journal - JM Rosenberry

Author: JM Rosenberry
Fargo, North Dakota 


 I had intended to write this blog about a childhood friend who was never actually a friend.  To this day it hurts that she can't seem to see past her own insecurities or even admit that she was completely wrong in attacking me the last time I talked to her. Real friends don't put each other down or tell your dad to call the hospitals when she loses you at a concert, do they?  Anywho- It's that dreaded love day that used to make me smile like a kid in a candy store....It used to be a day for flowers, jewelry, wine, snuggles and feeling apricated.  Now days I am lucky I get asked what I want from Burger King as I scrub the dishes that the dishwasher didn't want t to clean, even after two cycles.  Oh and my son has a new girlfriend, he didn't see the other girl as much as he wanted at the bus stop. He's 5 by the way.  Is it to early to start drinking? 

So I decided to buy my own Valentines gift as I have been doing for the past few years. I buy what I want for myself. I'm sure hubs would love for me to wait for him to surprise me with stuff but those days are long gone. Have I mentioned that it's our official anniversary as well.  Seventeen years together. We used to buy each other those tacky cards, I have boxes full of them. I eventually said that he didn't really need to buy me stuff so he stopped and the, I get what I want began. 

Those of you who have or had parents that lasted a long  time, or are still together will understand.  It's not about the things you buy. It's about the time spent together and how you live day to day.  Even if you can't seem to be in the same room with each other at times. If I feel sad or down then I go paint or write or listen to the bands he seems to hate just to spite me.  And no better Valentine gift could be given to me as one of the rock mags has put my boys on the cover once again.  Somehow this band ends up on covers when I need them to. Last time it was my mothers birthday, she had been gone for almost twenty years at that point and I had to refrain from crying on their shirts when I dragged my best friends to the concert in the town that l fled when she passed. twenty years almost to the day.  

Where were we??  

Oh yes.  That day of love and happiness crap.  What actually sparked this blog post was not my loathing of V day or how good my boys look on that cover. It's more of a political thing. I tend to stay away from both political stuff and religion on the grounds that I don't care to fight with anyone. I have my views and you have yours. Some people get certain art and some others will never understand. Art is subjective and seen in so many different ways. There is an artist from my hometown who does those old glass plate photos of people from different reservations. His name is, Shane Balkowitsch and he had a photo of that one girl...you know who I am talking about. The little blond thing that has everyone in such a tizzy. Greta something. 

Shane had been given permission to put his photo of her on the wall of a new bakery and you would have thought he was going to murder someone and put the photo up for all to see. He got threats, the owner got threats and everyone was up in arms over a mural. Luckily he was offered another building  a little East of Bismarck. Fargo has an emerging arts scean downtown, even if I don't like how pricy aartments are sprouting up like mushrooms, it's good to see more and more venues for shows and street art.  So the little blond girl will get her place on the wall after all.  Of course people are already threatening to boycott the building and damage the artwork.  Not sure how a peice of art is a threat to anyone but it seems that so much art is a threat in some way.  Is it because it makes us think?  I guess I will never understand some metalities. 

Fargo and North Dakota in general are so far behind other cities in the art and culture area.  We have began to make some changes, little things are happening that I see as a good sign and others don't want to see happen at all. We still don't have an acutual convention center.  Just this last year they have finlly begun to talk about building one.  Most big events are in bigger cities that are hours away from us. Change is happening but it's happening slowly. We  are a red state so rooted in the past and bound by our small town mentality that any amount of change that is outside the norm is scary for some.  I love my town, don't get me wrong. Winters, and cold winds, not so much, Being known as the top drunken college town also not so much. Don't even get me started on Bison football and the love of green and gold.  

And on that note I will leave you with a tight smile and a shake of my head.  It's trime for another cup of coffee and some Netflix show that I will probably turn off halfway through. 

Always ~



I have always loved reading and writing short stories. getting into king and other horror writers at a young age. I got my love of horror from my mother who loved the movie Halloween and would let me watch it with her when it came on the TV. Salem's lot was another show I remember being scared by and loving that feeling it gave me. There were other loves as I got older and branched out into SIFI and fell in love with Elfquest and Doctor Who. It wouldn't be until high school that I would find out that I was pretty good at abstract art and also had a love of theater.  

Guess I should introduce myself hu?  My author name is J.M. Rosenberry, but most people know me as Jade or DarkJade. Dark Jade Creations being the name I use for my artwork.  I am a married, Midwestern mother of one. I love music and anything horror or spooky related. You could say I am the typical Midwesterner who works, tries to raise her child without losing her mind, not that I had much sanity to begin with,  My goals are simple, survive the winter and dream of going to Disneyland with some of my favorite people. Oh yeah,  I am also a small Youtuber when I can find the time and have written several stories for Grey and his Artists to Authors project.  I have written one book you can find on Amazon with a second one being worked on in fits and starts. I am also a fan fic writer on Wattpad. Yes I have my hand in way to many Jars..haha. 

So I wont boar you with my rambling and If you enjoyed the shlock of the 80's horror you might like The Midnight Within. It might not be king worthy but it's a fun ride. It's a mix of everything I am obsessed with and finally gotten out of the dark closet of my brain. Maybe with a little  feedback I will be inspired to keep going or maybe I will end up scrubbing it all. 



J. M. Rosenberry is a Midwestern author and artist. A lover of all things horror and Gothic. J M has been influenced by the likes of Poppy Z. Brite, Stephen king and Anne Rice. She lives in Fargo N.D. with her husband, son three cats and her beloved Japanese Chin, Sookie and often dreams of escaping to her favorite city of New Orleans.

You can also find me on FB https://www.facebook.com/JMROSENBERRY/

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