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Monday, June 15, 2020

The Work of Artist Stacey Warm



Stacey Warm was born in 1976 and has lived a little bit in a lot of places. She currently resides in S Florida with her husband Jason, two cats, two dogs, and turtle. Stacey is a social worker when not making art. Stacey’s interests include Post War modern art, left wing politics, dank memes, Molotov cocktail recipes, and being an all-around spazz.  Stacey incorporates sculpture and semi-precious stones along with more traditional modern art techniques in her work. She is influenced particularly by the women of the modern art movement which were often overshadowed by their male counterparts. Stacey’s influences include Lee Krasner and Elaine De Kooning. Her work has been exhibited at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs, CO. She has also been known to write the occasional poem or short story. 


Artist Statement

I don’t lack imagination but I often lack energy. When I do find it, I like to create pieces that are primitive, colorful, and capture time and space. I also like animals…A LOT. I like to utilize materials around me and bring them together in one cohesive piece. I find beauty in the ugly and mundane. I’m currently working on bigger action pieces that require a lot of motion and self-awareness. 

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