Wednesday, November 11, 2020

"A Child's Fever Dreams" Surrealism Challenge #2 - (CHALLENGE CLOSED)

Challenge #2 asked you to suggest an item to fill this abandoned house. The theme comes along as the piece develops. In this case the child ended up being the main focus. 


"A Child's Fever Dreams"

Watching the Changes. See the video

See the individual steps and suggestions!

Evolution #14 

Jill Whitford suggests a library

Evolution #13 

Jenny Brundage suggests Lanterns

Evolution #12

Jessica Zaldivar suggests fireflies

Evolution #11

Angie Jackson suggests a cracked mirror

Evolution #10 

Julie Mahorney-Saenz suggests a Harpsichord

Evolution #9

Lee Michel suggests skeletons

Evolution #8

Jeff Watkins suggests and upside down chandelier

Evolution #7

Reno Tukiainen suggests an eagle and a pigeon

Evolution #6

Landon Dixon suggests a trumpet player

Evolution #5

Kat Danger Crabtree suggests fungus

Evolution #4

Michael Hensley suggests a child with a ball

Evolution #3

Stacy suggests a cat

Evolution #2

Steff Hawkins suggests a stained glass window and a door

Evolution #1

Richard Alan Scott suggests adding the owners ghosts


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