Saturday, November 14, 2020

Surrealism Challenge #3 (CHALLENGE CLOSED)

Challenge #3 asks you to guess what this piece of art is about. The art will continue to grow, change and be updated until the answer is guessed correctly. It may be a proper name, a phrase or even a song or a famous quote. The first person to guess the answer first wins two one of a kind 11" x 14" black and white cemetery prints. 

All guesses will be taken in the order they are received. In the event of more than one right answer, the winner will be the person with the time stamp.

This challenge can be answered by either posting a message at the bottom of this post, or via Twitter, Facebook, Ello or Instagram. You can also place your guess via email at:

You can guess as many times as you would like. If you guess correctly you will be informed of the win. If you guess incorrectly you won't hear a damned thing. So feel free to guess again.

Here is the first first art clue.

Clue #1
Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

Clue #5

Clue #6

Clue #7

Clue #8

Clue #9

London Bridge is Falling Down

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