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Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Storm (What We See - What We Imagine) #1


On a recent day trip with a friend on a photography outing, we encountered a bad storm. There were concerns about tornadoes as two storm fronts came together ahead of us. Just before the rain began, I hopped out and took a few photos of the storm front.

What we see, is often not what we imagine. Learning to capture the details of what we imagine is happening is crucial to an artists ability to use their creativity. Art in any form is an image is merely seeing the world through the artists eyes. When we take a moment to not only capture the real details, but the imagined ones, we allow the viewer to see a whole new world that only we can see. It is our own personal universe that we share with others. Its personal. Its seeing into the mind of the creator and it can teach us a lot about how the artist views the world around them. 

This is what I saw that day as the storm front moved over us. 

What do you see around you?

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