The Endless Dream (15)

I tried to stand. I shut my eyes tightly, wishing for the dream to end. 

"I'm Lost!" I shouted at the dead world. "What's it all for!"

I heard a hiss, barely a noise. My eyes shot open to see the writhing form of a giant lizard, moving across the ground. Near it stood a small black dog. It looked at me solemnly. The lizard looked at the dog. 

The signpost, obviously my inner minds way of slapping in me in the face read "TOTO2". I glanced at the dog. It continued to stare at me. 

Looking up towards the barren hills I saw for the first time I great twister, writhing across the sky. A small house was caught in its maw. 

I frowned and looked back at the dog. "If the wicked witch shows up, i'm out of here." I said to the dog. The dog knew I was lying. 

"Alright, I'm listening subconscious. Whats it all mean?

The lizard edged closer to the dog. 

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