Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Endless Dream

Where does it end?

It doesn't. 

Welcome to the Endless Dream. This is an evolving piece of art that changes often and draws you into the dream. 

We view art as a single unchanging image. We have been conditioned to see art as one thing that will be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. 

This art changes. This art is a living dream seen through psyche of the artist. Like any dream, not even the artist knows where it might go. 

Life is but a dream. 

The Dream is Currently Here!
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The Dreamers project actually came from a dream where I was sitting and painting my dreams as I saw them and then watched the dreams come alive. One person that I had painted, rose from within the canvas and began painting me. Who was the dream and who was the dreamer? Sometimes its hard to tell. It was not until I read the journal post of a good friend about his dreams that I recalled my own dream from months before and decided to put this project together. 

I've had several people already ask me if they can get prints of the dream piece. This is difficult because the piece is constantly evolving. So this is what I will do. If you request a print then you will get a print based on the current version that was up when you made your request. I will provide a certificate authenticity that notes the version you have. Currently the piece is on its third evolution. The piece may change at any time but your request will be date stamped to correspond with whatever image was up on the site at that time. 

Why go to this trouble? Because it now means that the print you buy is truly unique. It won't be repeated. This increases their value in a way that no normal print would increase. So watch for your favorite(s) because there is no going back in this dream. 

Prints are 11" x 14". They are board backed matte prints, signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity and are numbered. Each print is $30.00. There may be an additional shipping charge if the print is going overseas. 

To request a print, send an email to:
I will email you back an invoice. The email time stamp is all that is needed to verify the version of the print you want.

Past Versions of the Dream
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