The Endless Dream (17)

"No! I reject this!" 

"This is reality" The voice came from the clown. 

"No! This is your reality! Your a clown!"

"You think I care?" replied the clown. "I have the power." The clown chuckled.

"You're bleeding." I said, pointing to his chest. 

"No I'm not." 

"Yes you are. Your bleeding badly and I think you are the one that inflicts the wounds."

"No I'm not." the clown frowned. 

I gave up in disgust. The answers were not here. 

"But even the most foolish clown has something to teach us" I looked towards the skull which still sat near me. 

"What do you know, your just a skull." I answered it.

"Death taught me something about life." it answered. "And about clowns like that."

"Like what?" Perhaps the skull was my subconscious. 

"To laugh at the clown and not take him seriously." 

I grimaced. The clown grimaced. The skull smiled. If the tumbler were still here I bet she would have winked at me. 

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