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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inspire Thee! Songs of Inspiration for Artists

[in-spuh-rey-shuh n] 

Stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity

I am a firm believer in the inspiration of music on an artists work. You never know what you might hear, or for that matter see, when you step into my studio. I let the music flow around me as if it were water, aiming my creativity with the rhythm and the beat around me.

Some artists can't do this. They need solitary quiet in which to compose their work. I need this when I write so I can hear the thoughts more clearly. But with art, its more than likely that I need the joy of sound around me.

It changes constantly. When I begin my work day, it may start with the sounds of Mardi Gras music (something heard more and more often during carnival season). An hour later their may be a Verdi opera playing. From each I gain a different insight and find my work influenced in a different way.

What is important is that the music inspires an emotion in me. With that emotion I translate it into art.

I began awhile back, posting onto my twitter account a song of inspiration for each night. I've been asked by several to start to compile this into a regular list on my website. So in thanks to those who also gain inspiration from the music, I present this list here. It will be updated daily to add the new tune of each day.

I try to match these tunes to YouTube so everyone can hear.

In Harmony,


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