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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Listening To Time - Those Perverts From the Future Can Here Me!


The system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another.

Bleeding Time - Grey Cross Studios

I have a lot of time on my hands to think. As an artist my hands are in constant motion but sometimes there is not much for the mind to do. At other times there is too much for the mind and it overloads (but that's a different topic for another time). The simple fact is that I look at the world, its problems and its oddities through the eyes of an artist and I try to apply the same solutions that I would apply to a complex piece of art. Some may have read the blog post called "Lost in the Space of my Mind". if you haven't read it, it explains a lot about my thinking process and how brainstorming problems occurs.

With that in mind, I've recently been thinking some very odd thoughts. We as humans tend to shrug off the things we cannot comprehend. Quite awhile back I wrote a short article called "THE UFO PHENOMENON FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE". Since I think the original article is lost in the mists of time, I've added it to the bottom of this article for your perusal. While this isn't dealing with UFO's, the same logic applies of looking at something from a totally different angle to find a solution.

Now, regardless of what your views on time travel are (oh my god, he's going from UFO's to Time travelers, the boy is nuts), I started looking at it from a different perspective. It seems to me that if future civilizations could travel in time, someone, SOMEONE would have caught on by now. Other than a few odd random strange things like photos of Nicholas Cage in a Civil War uniform on an old tintype photo, there is very little in the way of an supporting oddities that might give hints of a future time traveling universe.

But, what if those in the future aren't "time travelers" but "time listeners"? What if, in order to get around the risk of paradox, we are at this very moment being listened to? (cue creepy Twilight Zone music). But think about it for a moment. Why risk moving a person in time, when you could just eavesdrop on every person who ever walked the earth?

Now you'll think me nuts, but the idea of this came while changing a tire with my dear partner one evening. Here we were, wrestling with this damned tire and griping at each other light heartedly. And I said "god I hope the future isn't listening to us right now, because they'd think we were nuts. Then I stopped and thought....hmmm what if they ARE listening? What if they fill in the blanks about historic figures from the past just by being a cosmic voyeur (the perverts)?

As nutty as it sounds, there would be logical reasons for doing this. First, I feel that the technology will inevitably get to the point where time travel is possible. If their morals and logic can keep them from tampering with the past, what a great way to still get what they want out of our ancient ancestors without effecting the time line?

Paradox is solved because there is no trace of these cosmic listeners. Or is there? Is that odd feeling your being watched perhaps something more? Are ghosts, not apparitions from the past but instead feedback from the future, much as a speaker system will create a screech when a microphone is not tuned right?

The possibilities are endless to speculate on things that go on around us when viewed from the lens of these listeners. Again, we shrug off the odd around us that has no explanation and we don't seek new ways to understand them. This gets back to the original article posted years ago regarding UFO's (below).

So, something to think about and freak out about in the middle of the night when your sure someone is there in the dark watching you. Maybe they are? Say hello for me and ask them if they ever found a successful vehicle for Ellen Cleghorne? (Yes that was a Family Guy reference for the three people the got the joke)

Think one odd thoughts everyday before breakfast and your life will be filled with wonder.



A Commentary by Grey A. Cross
December 13, 2011 at 11:31pm

Consider for a moment that we have the ability now to see other planets. Recently, a planet that they suspect has water (the first we've seen so far) was found 600 light years from the Earth.

It’s predicted that as our technology improves, our abilities to view alien worlds will become better and better. Yet with this great ability, we have no skills to travel to such planets at this time.

With this in mind, what if, space travel, as we perceive it, is impossible, not only for us, but for other worlds as well.

Just because we cannot travel to another planet does not indicate that other civilizations do not exist, merely that we cannot reach them.

So for a moment, reverse the ability to view an alien world. While we have not found a living civilization yet, what IF other civilizations have found us? Not traveled to us, but seen us, through their own scientific abilities.

We are a remarkable race. If we spotted another civilization out there amongst the stars, wouldn't our best minds be put to work on how to let them know we were here? What if the best minds of another world have already done so?

Now bring this thought back to earth and our past 50 years of UFO phenomena. We have been so caught up in thinking aliens are traveling here that we've lost perspective on other explanations. Doesn't it seem rather pointless to shoot around our skies watching us without saying a word?

Random waving lights in the skies?

Bright objects that hover and dart around without much reason?



Shafts of color that cut through the skies at odd moments?

Have you ever played with a laser pointer? Moving it in such a way that it gets the attention of someone a block away or in the next room or down a hallway? Intelligence moves it, but it’s a one-way communication. There is no way to respond to the point of light and say “Hey! Where are you from?” The laser light will not speak back. Its up to us to define it’s meaning.

What if this phenomenon is another world’s way of using the only ability they have to say “WE ARE HERE.”

I can envision the planet Earth 20 years in the future. We've found a suitable world a few hundred light years away. We can see it. We can see it’s inhabited. We can even see it’s intelligent life. How would we say “WE ARE HERE”? We can’t travel to them. But we can in our own random way perhaps send them a signal. But how do you send a signal hundreds of light years to a civilization that you can only see in the macro? You do not know the language. Hell, you don’t even know if they have eyes to see with. BUT you can pick up an amazing amount of information just by watching. You can see that they light their cities. So you know they see things in a spectrum that we can understand. So we create the world’s biggest laser pen and we decide to blink it in the sky above them a few times and see if we get their attention. Our aim isn't too good, so we just try to keep it steady in their skies and hope that someone sees it. Perhaps we develop something akin to holographs and hope that we are sending an image they grasp. But you’re still only sending a one-way communication until you can get them to respond in suit.

Getting the idea now? We are so ready to dismiss random points of light in our skies or bobbing and weaving balls of electricity as things crackpots see. But it sure seems like a lot of the world’s population is nuts then, because these phenomena seem to be on the increase. No, maybe you’re not seeing an alien spaceship where gray leathery-skinned beings will pop out and offer you a cure for cancer, but maybe, just maybe you’re seeing another world’s feeble attempt to say “Hi, we are here. Come find us.”

I welcome your comments.


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