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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There is no Santa Claus Franklin Graham

My Dear Children, (Franklin Graham, Bryan Fischer, Glen Beck, Rick Santorum, Pat Robertson, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Coach Daubenmire, Brian Brown, Scott Lively, etc)

I have some sad news for you, but I think you've grown up enough to accept it.

I'm afraid there is no Santa Clause. Everything you believe in your storybooks is not real. I wish it was, perhaps the world would be a nicer place, but it is just not so.

Its time to grow up children. Its time to start respecting others even if they don't see the world as you do. Its time to set aside your temper tantrums and claims that the world is only as you see it. Its time to realize that the books you read are not the only books there are.

I know it makes you mad. I know you want to jump up and down on the steps of the Supreme Court and throw a fit. But your becoming adults now and its time to act like it. If you look around you will discover that you don't really need those childhood fantasies anymore. There is plenty to experience and take joy in if you search for it.

Now it won't be easy. Others look up to each of you. They trust what you tell them even if its not real. So now is the time to be a true adult and help those who are not as wise as you.

I know you will want to stomp off now and whine about how unjust the world is. But I know deep down inside you know what I am telling you is the truth.

The simple fact is children, that all the things that faerie tale tells you, are really right inside of you. Your not losing your ability to laugh, love or treat others respectfully and with honor.

Your no longer relying on a fable in order to be good throughout the year. Your relying on yourself now and that is by far the noblest thing you can do as a human being.

With Love,
Your Father

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  1. This is my favorite blog of yours yet. What a fabulous lesson.