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Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Work of Artist David Hanson aka RAGZ



With my artwork, whether it's rendered in ink, watercolors, oils, color pencil,graphite or in Photoshop, I like to create characters and scenes that one would see in a movie, or a comic book, or imagine in one's mind when reading a book, or flash of an image in a dream, or nightmare or anywhere in between.  I'm curious with the story one comes up with surrounding the image. I want to hear the story the viewer gets from it. I'm all over the place when it comes to subject matter in my works, which I'm told is the wrong way to go about it trying to make it in the art world. But, it's my rock and roll spirit that refuses to follow the "rules", so I conjure my inspirations and ideas from horror films, comic books, rock and roll, interesting women and men, underground art, b-movies, weirdo art, naughty magazines, dirty thoughts, strange magic and places, devil music and just making it up as I go along. Let's go on this adventure together


Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, David Hanson aka RAGZ is interested in b-movies.horror,sci-fi, lowbrow art, comic art, glam rock, punk rock, classic rock, goth,psychedelic rock,illustration and anything out of the ordinary. 

He mainly works in traditional media such as ink, watercolor, acrylics, gouache,pastels and also with Photoshop, Illustrator & Corel Painter. He has had artwork published in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine and had artwork on display at THE WEEKEND OF HORRORS ART GHOULERY in L.A.,CA , ALTERNATE REALITY COMICS in Las Vegas,NV & THE ART FEAR in Flint,MI,THE DAMNED exhibition and at TROMADANCE DETROIT both at The Tangent Gallery in Detroit and THE PARALLAX ART FAIR in Kensington, London. 

He also did the artwork for the audio drama LILITH'S CHILDREN. And he has done sketch cards for Contemporary Pin-Ups and Cryptozoic card companies. Ragz has done artwork for THE SLEAZEGRINDER SUPERSHOW radio program,The single "DAYS OF PLENTY" by the band THE END TIMES,The Detroit based band ABOMINABLE CATZ album TALES FROM THE MANGED AND DERANGED album artwork , storyboards and artwork for the film REFLECTIONS OF FEAR: THE GHOST OF MINNIE QUAY  and it's sequel REFLECTIONS OF FEAR : EXIT 13: CONFESSIONS OF A HAUNTED ATTRACTION and storyboards for ROTTEN TO THE CORE and much, much more! 

"Ragz" also does many conventions,art shows and galleries. He is always looking to get his work out there as much as possible and create things that no one has ever seen before! If you are looking for unique character designs, offbeat illustrations, fun art or anything of the such, please contact David Hanson at

"Let's create some memorable characters together!!"

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