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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Three Dimensional Canvas

I talk a lot about the new outdoor studio. I suddenly realized today that I'd been misnaming the whole area. There is a studio being built with tables and supplies and room for teaching. But the images I share the most are of the large area being created in the courtyard. This is not a studio. While it has elements that I will use that could be considered a studio, the reality is that the whole courtyard space is giant three dimensional canvas. 

This is so difficult to explain in just words. Sometimes I don't have the proper language for what I am doing and have to invent new words just to have it make sense. But this whole space is made of individual panels that are and will continue to evolve as separate works of art. 

When I am done the whole area will be surrounded by panels. You will no longer see the fence line. When you step into the space you will be transformed into the middle of the art. You will be immersed in an other worldliness that is composed completely of art. 

But not just art. Art that evolves. Over time the panels will change, the art will shift and new art will emerge. This is the evolutionary art concept. Everything is in transition, always! 

But then again its not just a gradual changing of the art. The area that is brightly lit is an evolution cube. I will have models in there who will be painted and with that paint the space itself will change. Eventually those walls will be covered in color and from it will emerge new art that comes from the models themselves. 

This whole thing is a conceptual art project. Things will come from it that I cannot even begin to imagine. 

I lay in bed last night, considering the idea of a three dimensional canvas. I even got up and looked at others ideas of three dimensional art and what I found was mostly sculptures, or raised canvases with parts which stuck out past the borders of the canvas. 

Yes this is three dimensional art also. But its not what I mean when I use the term. For me its about the fact that the art surrounds you. Yes some of the art will take on a sculptural appearance, but that is not what the term means to me. 

Its so confusing. If I sound frustrated, I am! But not in a bad way. More in the way of knowing you are doing something so different that you can't explain it to anybody else. is what it is. 

With all that in mind, I lit the space up tonight and put a short video together. Although its far from finished, I think you will be able to see the potential over time. For me, this space not only represents art, but represents my center of balance. It lends me a peace to be out there under the trees, surrounded by my own little world. Naming it Grey's Imaginarium is the perfect name. It is an extension of my own mind. 

Enjoy the video! 

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