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Monday, July 13, 2020

The Archives of Infinite Creativity - Saving Today's Art for Tomorrow's Future

Too much creativity is lost soon after it is created. Very few creative people are in a position to see their work enshrined past there deaths. Creators, whether in art, photography, music or any other creative genre are the voice of our times. They create work that reflects what is happening in our world and how we view the issues of our lives. 

But once created our creative works are lost in the constant maelstrom which we call time.  There is little to no effort made to preserve the works of unknown creators with an eye toward saving  it for future generations. 

We are at a crossing point in world affairs at this moment in time. We are confronted with issues that can destroy the very fabric of our humanity. Yet this is not the only cross roads the world has faced, nor will it be the last. 

We can learn from what is happening. We can preserve some of the creativity of the now in order to give strength and guidance to the future 

With that thought in mind, I created The Archive of Infinite Creativity (AIC). The Archive seeks to preserve and disseminate the creativity of individuals who react to the issues of our time with vision and foresight. This is a resource for future generations to have a glimpse at how creatives around the world react and guide the problems of the world. 

The AIC Archive currently has 3 projects:

  • The Pandemic Archive Project
  • The Black Lives Matter Archive Project
  • Defeating Dictators Archive Project

Each seeks to compile creative works on specific topics that are effecting us from the voices of creators who do not have a platform to have their work widely distributed. Standing together we create a stronger voice that future generations may call upon. 

Think of the archives like digital time capsules, ready to reveal the world around us to the world yet to be. 

We welcome all creatives who want to submit work related to any of the archive projects. 

We will accept art, photography, written word art including short stories, poetry, music or any other creative medium you wish to express yourself in. 

To submit, we need the following:

  • A good quality image of your work
  • A short one paragraph bio about the creator
  • Any links related to the creator that you would like to include (website/twitter/facebook)

We will accept submissions from persons who wish to remain anonymous but they must let us know at the time they submit their art. 

We also welcome any commentary a creator would like to make regarding their work or personal stories of your trip through the pandemic. 

Creatives can submit their work or questions via email to: 

The Archives take no profit from any creatives work and they may request their work be removed from the site at any time from the archives and are at no risk to your work being used in any other way except that which is stated above.

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