The Black Lives Matter Archive Project (Index)

The Black Lives Matter Archive is an index of creatives who have developed art, photography, music and written word regarding the injustices and hate towards the black community in the United States. 

It is our hope to be able to provide a place where ANY creative can permanently store their work for future generations to benefit from. 

How you see the world right now is important for future generations to also see and understand. You are the ones standing in this nightmare of hate and disrespect that the United States has degraded to. You are the ones that need to tell its story and remind future generations of this time in our lives. 


Creators Index

Please note: This index is arranged by the date of submission of the creative with the newest showing at the end of the list, not the beginning. Some artists have requested the ability to submit anonymously. We honor their privacy by listing them as Anon on the index. Please respect all artists. Negative comments against any artists work will be removed immediately

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