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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Graffiti on a Cathedral Window (Day 15)


Moving day involves moving the canvas forward three feet and dropping down over one of the spacer bars in order to reach the lowest portions of the canvas with ease.

Day 15

This painting explores the dichotomy between rigid line art and graffiti. Stage 1 of the painting mimics the very exact lines found in cathedral stained glass but in a free form abstract style. I'm using metallic paints to give the whole painting a soft mellow feel filling out a massive 9 foot x 12 foot canvas. Stage 2 will be exactly the opposite of Stage 1. Using graffiti, and splashes of primary colored paints thrown onto the canvas to overlay across the entire piece, partially obscuring the underlying line work. 

The canvas has not been prepped. The paint is applied directly to the raw canvas. It has not been framed but merely hung at one end of the studio and weighted at the bottom to keep it stretched out and easier to work with. After its completed I will build a custom frame for it. I may use the complete 9' x 12' or I might cut it into smaller portions. I'll decide after its finished the best way to finish it. 

On this page I'll take one photo of the piece each day to show the progress. Its not expected to be finished for several months. 


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