Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Angelfire (Deadwood Sculpture)

This sculpture was created using a piece of dead wood found in the City Park Nature Preserve in New Orleans. It is 32" high and sits on a 7" x 7" weighted base. The color was created using crayons which were laid in place using a soldering iron and a heat gun to merge the colors. The process for this sculpture took approximately 6 days. 5 hours for the cleaning, 3 hours for the preservation of the wood using a spray epoxy and the remaining time devoted to the color process. 

When completed the whole sculpture went through a final preservation phase using a high gloss polyurethane to coat, seal and to bring the color out. 

The final sculpture weighs 10 Pounds can be purchased for $500 plus Shipping and Handling. Please be aware because of the weight and fragility of the piece, special care is taken to ship and avoid breaking. Please consider this before purchasing. 


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