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Thursday, May 28, 2020

BEHIND THE CURTAIN - Learning About the Process of Creativity

As an experimental artist, I deal with both art techniques and art concepts that merge and diverge from each other constantly. 

I realized several years ago that a lot of the work I created had interesting and unique stories about how and why they came to be. For a very long time I'd written about conceptual art ideas, but I rarely took the time to talk about why and how something comes together as a piece of art. The idea that all art comes with a story as well as tells a story began to form in my mind as a concept all by itself. It made sense to me that a piece of art didn't just come together in a moments time, but was a process of ideas that were thought out before and during the arts creation. 

So I wrote a couple of articles about the backstory behind several pieces of art and I found that the more I wrote the more I realized that due to the nature of experimental art that most of what I'd created had a story to go with it. 

I also realized it was both fun to discuss the hidden details and educational for me to look back over what I'd learned about any given piece of art. And now after a few months of writing these behind the curtain articles, I find that I need to create an index for them because they are starting to add up. That's where this page comes into being. 

I'd also like to encourage other artists, photographers and creatives to consider doing the same for some of their work. You all have a story to tell! Start telling it! I will host any artist who would like to add their own Behind the Curtain articles to these. Create five BTC articles and you get your own category on the index. Contact me for details if you'd like to do so at: 


Grey's Articles

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